We specialize in residential & commercial drywall as well as custom interior finishes.
Our services include the following:

Install of  Insulation
Drywall Installation
Mudding & Taping
Level 5 Applications
We specialize in spray applications of drywall neutralizers to take drywall from a level 4 finish to a level 5 in one step.  The product our customers are most pleased with is a high hide primer-surfacer that will minimize the chance of call-backs by greatly reducing the joint banding and photographing typical of critical light areas.
This product can also be left unpainted where a flat white ceiling is desired, saving the builder/homeowner money.          
Product highlights:

* Reduces call-backs
* Saves time and labour
* Can be left unpainted as a finished ceiling
* Smoother walls and ceilings than regular drywall primer
* Minimizes joint banding/photographing    
* Durable coating provides greater resistance to surface abrasions


American Clay
Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) ... COMING SOON!f

American Clay
We are the only Approved American Clay Applicator in Alberta and we are pleased to include this product in our repetoire.

"American Clay Natural Earth Plasters bring the appealing finishes of Nature to your Home, Office, School or Business anywhere you want to add healthful beauty to your interior walls and ceilings.   Manufactured in the USA, American Clay uses natural clays,  recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments in each of the three finishes: loma, porcelina and marittimo".

American Clay Earth Plasters surround your family or workplace withthe warm  beauty of soothing texture and rich color - far exceeding the interior surfaces produced by traditional paint, stucco, or other finishes. Earth Plasters are non-dusting, mold and fade resistant, repairable and moisture controlling.
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With completed projects in Alberta, ask us where you can see this attractive, warm, eco-friendly product in use!  Call us: 403-993-4997.

Natural Hydraulic Lime: INFORMATION COMING SOON!
American Clay Sample Boards: Sample Finish & Texture (over 40 colors available)
Below are close up photos of different finishes available.  To view sample boards, please call.
Porcelina / Matte Finish / Osage Color
Loma / Smooth / Matte
Porcelina / Skip Trowel / Matte Finish
Loma / Matte
Loma / Smooth / Matte
Loma / Sand
Loma / Sand
Loma / Sand
Loma Skip Trowel